ANTEGOS Consulting, European leader in commercial negotiation training, boasts 4 assets which make it a benchmark in its field:

We specialize exclusively in commercial negotiation.

We work solely in this field and do not play a role in any other related or diversified action. We have become a benchmark in our field. This unique positioning requires us to be the best in our business at all times.

We boast unique professional negotiating expertise.

Our exclusive negotiating technology ensures we can deal with any type of corporate commercial negotiation situations. It delivers substantial added value throughout negotiations, from the moment the strategy is drawn up to preparing tactics, from mastering the negotiation process to establishing postures and arguments.

We propose an across-the-board range of learning tools and methods.

Ensuring that everyone develops their commercial negotiation expertise tangibly and sustainably. Our consultants use a unique socio-educational approach to imagine the most appropriate training solution to suit each target audience. They combine original teaching methods which bear their fruit in face-to-face and distance learning.

Our consultants are all Senior Project Directors and are exclusively employed by the firm.

After an integration programme lasting several months, they work exclusively as negotiators in ANTEGOS Consulting. To ensure the work we do is forever excellent and that our consultants are always on-hand to serve our customers, we never call on independent licensed service providers or subcontractors.

A few key figures



International companies
leaders in their fields


Countries where we work
around the world


Members of staff and
executives trained
97 %*


Of all those taking part in our training state they are satisfied
97 %*


Of our customers state that Antegos Consulting helped them reach their professional goals
94 %*


Declare that all their commercial negotiation queries have been answered

*Satisfaction survey conducted on 15,000 participants over the last 5 years.

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