Our professional commercial negotiation consultants are also communication and training specialists who explain notions which may occasionally be complex, ensure participants master them and motivate and inspire participants to use these notions, manage heterogeneous groups and adapt to participants' different profiles.

The training methods developed by ANTEGOS Consulting focus on several bases validated by our 20 years' experience in commercial negotiation training to negotiator audiences from a wide variety of backgrounds.

An innovative solution

An appropriate socio-educational approach

ANTEGOS Consulting has identified 4 participant sociologies based, firstly, on their initial knowledge and their personal motivation and, secondly, on their cognitive development and attention and concentration span.

A tailored training solution

A range of pre-established training formulas:

  • On-site solutions : collective training delivered in-company mixing in-class, workshop and individual face-to-face sessions.
  • Open and distance solutions : ANTEGOS Consulting has 4 fully-equipped video studios (cameras, interactive screens and a sharing platform) for implementing bespoke training courses totally free from on-site and in-class constraints.

These solutions can be tailored to the particularities of each company. They are flexible and easy to implement and ensure learning is highly-efficient.

Collaborative training

Pair and mini-group work is enhanced and participation made easier thanks to modern, innovative collaborative tools like Klaxoon.

Assimilating using on-hands practice

Our pedagogy comprises a great deal of negotiating exercises and simulations in situations identical to participants' real-life ones.

Bespoke training

ANTEGOS Consulting imagines bespoke training focusing on a process which provides participants with the most appropriate knowledge and know-how for preparing, rolling out and conducting negotiations and ensuring they can deal with all predetermined negotiating contexts.


01Diagnosing the situation :
This enables us to characterize the negotiating situations which participants will have to address and to determine the skills required to deal with them.

03Choosing negotiating techniques :
After diagnosing negotiating situations and identifying the skills required for the situations to address, we work hand-in-hand with our customer to define the professional commercial negotiation methods, techniques and tools indispensable for ensuring negotiations conducted are successful.

02Diagnosing skills:
This assesses negotiators' levels of the skills required for the negotiating situations to be addressed so that we can develop a training programme which is optimally tailored to participants' real-life situations.

04Training architecture :
To achieve the results expected, the consultant creates a specific learning architecture focusing on the most appropriate learning tools and methods.

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